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Daily Runes



Alright, today’s Runes are about separation, communication, caution, change, and growth. This is a good day for making some changes. Definitely getting rid of some old things, too. It is a time to communicate about whatever may go wrong, or get in the way, and it is a day to start weeding out those old things you are not needing anymore, and haven’t needed for some time now.

I think that this is a great way to start the week, it is only Monday, and here we have the beginning, weeding out the old to begin the new is probably one of the best ways to start with a week of gradual change. Of course, things like this tend to take a bit of time.

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I used to blog a lot more

I was looking at my old gaming blog, where I used to talk about all the gaming stuff I used to do (and am kind of picking back up because I am an unforgiving nerd like that). I realize now that I just need to start talking about things again. I mean, I used to actually talk about my language studies. So, sooner or later (likely sooner) I will have to start blogging about that again. I also used to blog about my progress with my yoga and all that jazz, but then I just.. kind of stopped? It all happened when I got depressed about a year-ish ago, and that influenced a lot of what I did for a very long time, I guess I am only just now seeing that I used to be much happier in my posting and much more regular (and I kind of miss it?). It doesn’t help that I got all wrapped up how I am supposed to blog. To be honest, there isn’t really a specific way to blog. So I just need to get over whatever block has been stopping me and just post things again, I was much happier when I just blogged about whatever came to mind.


Sorry for the lack of updates:

I have been a little under the weather recently (especially these last couple of days, I am recovering though), I have been meaning to make posts, but nothing was quite going as planned, and I have been sleeping a lot more (mostly due to not feeling well) and I have barely been able to get things done, so hopefully in the next few days I will be able to get back into the swing of things.

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A blog post

I didn’t really know what to title this, so here, have an incredibly unoriginal blog title!

My current baby blanket project (needs ends weaved in still)

Anyways, I wanted to make this blog post about my crochet. Since, honestly, I don’t really blog about my crochet. I just make vlogs. But here goes nothing! To the right you will notice my baby blanket project, which I have been talking about for ages in my vlogs. But it’s nice to see a good photo of it there. I had originally started it a year ago for a random project I was intending to sell, but as time went on, and I lost interest in trying to knit squares, I let the project sit in a box safe from the dust (the box itself gathered dust though). I am working on it now for a coworker though, oh, and get this: I am never knitting again. I am no good at it. I’ll just stick with what I know, thank you.

Current scarf project (mom knits, and I add borders to the ends and weave in the ends)

And then above I have my most current scarf project. Really its also my mom’s ’cause all I really do here is add borders to the ends of them (single crochet one row, and then picot stitch a second) and then weave in the ends. I am super excited because these scarves are really looking good! I am super happy with finishing them too. Like I feel super relieved at the end. But this may take a while because I am also trying to work on that baby blanket. So, wish me luck guys!


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Daily Runes


Surprisingly enough, the rune Lagaz appears in today’s daily reading as well (please refer to my vlog made today, I drew a rune as a theme for this week). Anyways, today’s runes are all about the self. Which is in fact a theme this week. Constraint and breakthroughs are a part of today. This may also be a place of no-action for you as well. Hardship and obstacles are definitely to be foreseen today, so be watchful, but also, be open-minded to whatever comes. That obstacle may not be too much of an obstacle when you really take a good look at it, perhaps even that obstacle may really be helping you avoid something worse. Who knows? Go with whatever happens today, take joy in it.

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A little update

Okay, so I know I have not updated in a couple of days, but I wanted to make this little update. I have been thinking about making a post about how I do the rune dice readings. I use a couple of different books to help me interpret the runes. I am planning on (in the future) getting more sets of rune stones (I want to get specifically an amethyst set of rune stones because that is my birthstone). But I am also thinking of doing not just the rune dice, but a little video a day for a while as a vlog just doing a rune stone. I like to use my rune dice usually though, for little things. I like to also interpret them as a group. I read each interpretation (from the two books I have) and then I roll it into a general interpretation based on what runes are there for the day. I am trying to make it more of a general daily reading for all, I guess you can say, because one day I would like to do more readings for people. But for now, I will start with that. Maybe when I do a rune vlog, I will do a reading for the week (when I use my rune stones rather than my rune dice). Let me know what you guys think of this idea, guys!