Daily Runes


I know it has been a while, and I have not been feeling very good (emotionally) and so I kind of held myself back, but here I am posting again, and sometime after this, I will also upload a vlog.

This reading has a lot to do with change, the self, and internal matters. To be grateful for what you have, and to be introspective to a degree to handle change, but not to push yourself too far. It is about overcoming obstacles with patience and mindfulness.

That says a lot for especially considering I have been warned about my temper earlier this week (through some tarotscopes, which my temper can be a problem sometimes), and I think this is a reminder to watch myself, to keep myself in check. And to accept change as it comes.

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Tarot Study:

wp-1498166425269The keywords in this card are logic, clarity, and power. You are about to cut through the gloom surrounding something confusing, the ace promises mental clarity, but sometimes at the expense of feelings. You have an opportunity to cut through a cloud of conflicting feelings to the truth of a matter, which is probably about you. The art is a hand reaching out to a light, a glowing star of inspiration. Cut to the core of what you believe in.

Through frustration and tense conditions, you will find that things get better. Having faith in oneself and persevering will pay off incredibly well. Your renewed sense of clarity about yourself, as well as the world around you, will improve satisfaction with how things are going.

Just a little lesson to remember that you need to keep a cool head when dealing with tougher situations and to remember to think instead of just reacting.

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Tarot Study: IDK What Day Anymore…


Alright, so I don’t know what day it is anymore because I just didn’t post about half the cards I have gone through since I stopped posting, but I am going to talk about this card, and I am going to do a vlog on Friday more about the ones I have already done, so there is that.

Today’s lesson is the Wheel of Fortune, the keywords are Destiny, Change, and Farsightedness. A card of curiosity, it asks you to believe in something bigger than yourself. Change is coming and you cannot stop it, Things are gonna get a little shaken, perhaps it will be dizzying, it is cyclical. Everything goes in circles. Just like the four seasons are represented on this card, good and bad things come in cycles. You just don’t know what you are going to get.

A new cycle is about to begin, and one should be prepared not to try and plan it out too much because those plans may very well hit the wayside. Go with it, otherwise, the change will be unpleasant.



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Daily Runes!

wp-1495549727340Progress, and the strength to keep pushing forward and to have joy in it. I have the mystery of another challenge. I am doing pretty good though, all things considered, I have woken again at five in the morning, yeah, I spent more time browsing the internet instead of trying to wake up. But I still did my yoga, and I feel pretty good about that. I think that if I keep going along the way that I am going, I will get a lot more done, and overall I will feel more accomplished than I did before. And that is my goal. Well, that and just moving forward instead of being in the same spot I was three weeks ago. . .