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Concerning Fanfiction

I have totally managed to mangle up an update from my Archive of Our Own, I am mostly writing for Rainbow Six: Siege, but I have some ideas for other fanfics I want to write, but for now, I gotta update what I’ve been working on. I have a lot of people expecting updates, especially for the Heart’s Pulse. Woo, I’m actually writing, I swear.

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The Day So Far…


So, yeah, waking up at five in the morning was the best idea I have ever had. It looks absolutely gorgeous outside, currently (sadly, it is already getting warm, but the air had a nice chill to it at 6 this morning!). I have just finished studying my Russian for the day, and have now moved on to the baby blanket I have been working on for what feels like age20170521_091719s now. I think it is coming along quite nicely, now. I have included some pictures for this too so that you can see my progress! I have taken to taking my notes in a bullet journal fashion, which is actually really nice. I wish I did that for my old Spanish and French notes (found my old French notebook from high school, and was appalled by my use of pencil for my notes, why didn’t I use colored pens? It is not like I did not have them? Well, it is what is is. I have a feeling I won’t be using those notes anyway, but one can hope, right? I managed to get a decent selfie 20170521_091756as well, and I just am still very proud that I managed to wake up at a decent time so that I could get all this stuff done. Which includes my morning yoga, I wrote in 750 words, I did a Rune post, and I studied my language, plus I am currently knitting my blanket that I am trying to make.

I say that today’s summary is: accomplished.

and I look it!



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Happy New Year!

Alright, so I mentioned in my earlier runes post that I am pretty hopeful for the new year!

I have my bullet journal [pictured on the left] with all my goals and my little trackers, and I have almost everything done just for today! I had the day off, so I guess you could say it was almost a freebie day! I feel good nonetheless! I got shit done. It feels good. Early this morning (about midnight) I started a spell for the new year [pictured on the right], and so I feel pretty confident that I can carry this new energy into the rest of the year, I specifically used the black candles to banish the negativity from last year. I also put in good words for some people in hopes that they too can have a good year.

Anyways, I have the next two weeks planned out (right alongside my work schedule), so I am pretty busy, but organized I hope! I also decided to post here my best six selfies last year [posted already on my instagram, but it is the one on the upper left]. I also feel good about all this because I also went on a walk [right hand side] and I had to bundle up because this morning I had a scratchy throat. I think that was because I left one of my main candles burning, and my door wasn’t cracked open anymore, so when it burned it just made the room unbearably stuffy! I feel better now, scratchy throat gone!

Speaking of bullet journals, I decided that I will have a word for the year! My word is prevail. I figured that it is good, because I will overcome all of that which stops me, and I will have one hell of a victory this year.


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Morning Runes


Alright, so today’s runes kind of tell me that it is time to stop procrastinating. Stop not moving. I was making such good progress, and then I stopped. But anyways, it tells me that it is time to separate, to part with the procrastination, to move again. To shape shift into a new beginning. To find that my old passions be reborn as I read again, and continue my psychic and spiritual journey.

Sorry I have not been posting, NaNoWriMo has begun and I have been trying to work on that, and I have been scavenging for extra hours at work. So it has been hard.

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I didn’t go to sleep until very late last night [i.e. 3:30 am], and I started writing on wattpad again. Although it is more like a journal style book. Except I am writing it to kind of give me a place to write, since I haven’t been writing. Just to write all the things that pop into my head, from my self-loathing to dreams I have (from the strange to the awesome). So this is going to be an interesting project, I think.