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Tarot Study:

wp-1498166425269The keywords in this card are logic, clarity, and power. You are about to cut through the gloom surrounding something confusing, the ace promises mental clarity, but sometimes at the expense of feelings. You have an opportunity to cut through a cloud of conflicting feelings to the truth of a matter, which is probably about you. The art is a hand reaching out to a light, a glowing star of inspiration. Cut to the core of what you believe in.

Through frustration and tense conditions, you will find that things get better. Having faith in oneself and persevering will pay off incredibly well. Your renewed sense of clarity about yourself, as well as the world around you, will improve satisfaction with how things are going.

Just a little lesson to remember that you need to keep a cool head when dealing with tougher situations and to remember to think instead of just reacting.

Day to Day · divination · Pagan Study · tarot · Tarot Study · thoughts

Tarot Study: IDK What Day Anymore…


Alright, so I don’t know what day it is anymore because I just didn’t post about half the cards I have gone through since I stopped posting, but I am going to talk about this card, and I am going to do a vlog on Friday more about the ones I have already done, so there is that.

Today’s lesson is the Wheel of Fortune, the keywords are Destiny, Change, and Farsightedness. A card of curiosity, it asks you to believe in something bigger than yourself. Change is coming and you cannot stop it, Things are gonna get a little shaken, perhaps it will be dizzying, it is cyclical. Everything goes in circles. Just like the four seasons are represented on this card, good and bad things come in cycles. You just don’t know what you are going to get.

A new cycle is about to begin, and one should be prepared not to try and plan it out too much because those plans may very well hit the wayside. Go with it, otherwise, the change will be unpleasant.



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Tarot Study: Day 12

wp-1483318016360.jpgToday’s lesson is about business, competence, stability, and wealth. I think that today’s focus is especially pertinent to the new year.

I have plans to be stable in the future [later part of the year] which will take hard work. And a lot of saving. There wont be room for much frivolous things. No eating out, or going too many places, because of this: I have plans, and big goals.

One of which is getting a new computer, and getting out of this state [not overly fond of the summers here, and they just keep gettin’ longer!]. So with those things in mind, I have a lot that I could learn from this card.

I will have to be level headed, and grounded. I think that is one of my biggest mistakes last year, I was not really here, so to speak. I was too busy thinking about the “what if’s” and I spent too much on shit I didn’t really need (did I need a chromebook? no, but I still got it). Although, I have to say, this chromebook is great. But what I am getting at is that I need to be just a bit stingy, I need to put my energies into more productive things. To make business. I need to make results, need to make things happen.

I feel confident that I can do better than last year. 🙂

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Tarot Study: Day Eleven

wp-1481046212565.jpgThis card is the first Major Arcana card in my study, quite fitting, if you ask me! This is a card about sacrifice, self-awareness, and wisdom.

In the book, Odin is actually referenced, and that is not the first time today something about Odin has popped up in my radar.

Concerning my horrid habits [lack of sleep, too much sugar, declining health due to lack of yoga], I have actually been reverting them, with much pain, and I started that with a jolting start because of my tarot cards, and my daily runes.

But also with my writing as well. I realized that if I am to properly learn my divination, and have it down in my memory [which my runes are coming quite close to that for a good portion of them], I need to take care of myself. Eating healthier is one way I have gone. I have basically given up fast food entirely (it isn’t that hard considering I have not gone out to eat in months) and giving up sugar (I am esp. doing that with my coffee, soon I bet it will be just black coffee). I am also making myself drink more water. I am “sacrificing” all these things that made me unhealthy so that I can focus better on all sorts of learning. I have my Norwegian book gathering dust currently on my desk, my tarot study (this) is moving incredibly slower (aka, I am not doing it as often as I would like and that is because some days, I can’t be bothered to get out of bed).

The healthier I get, the better I perform. The better I perform, the better I learn. And the better I learn, the better I can write. It all is a big circle, to be honest.

So with that said, I should be prepared for some sort of change, I think I already see it, but perhaps, I must keep an eye on it, and see it through myself. Give that change a little nudge out the door for the adventure that awaits.

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Tarot Study: Day Ten

wp-1480881266309.jpgtoday’s card is a nurturing, practical, and generous card. It is also maternal.

It is also about being stable and comfortable with what you have.

This card thrives on stability.

The art represents beauty, kindness, and comfort.

I think that this is something to be a reminder to me. As in, I should learn to e more comfortable in my life. I should also be striving for stability, if I already do not have it.

with that being said, I am going to leave this off with the note that this is a fairly happy card and I am glad that this is my focus for today.

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Tarot Study: Day Nine

wp-1480445428685.jpgokay, so today’s little lesson reminds me not to day dream too much, yeah I have ideas and hopes for the future, but I should keep a realistic lens on it all.

I could be moving slower, progressing slower, than I was earlier this week, I could be preoccupied by the thoughts of self-doubt of whimsical desire.

Like I stated in my runes post, I should keep my awareness on the things going on around me, and not necessarily on all the different things that could be, or could have been.

With that in mind I will continue on with the day with a positive mindset with the hopes of doing a better job on the things I do, and keep myself from being overwhelmed so that I do not fall into that oh-so familiar rut of daydreaming constantly (because that does happen!).


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Tarot Study: Day Eight

wp-1480275433739.jpgWell today’s card has to do with satisfaction, teamwork, and accomplishment. It has a very strong connotation of teamwork and it suggests your are either happy at you job, or that you long to be happy.

Happiness in your work is very possible, and it is a very worthy goal.

The art caught my attention, as it has three roses, witch symbolize growth, but the fact that they are not in full bloom says that this is only the beginning and that there is still more to go. I also noticed the lights above them, and the book said that this also shows that you should care for your soul as well.

So in mind with things that have already been in play today, I should keep a light heart and an open mind.

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Tarot Study: Day Seven


okay, so today this card represents nostalgia. But it doesn’t really deal with pain, it is more of a child-like innocence. Like being “when was a kid” and going on about something great that you remembered. But it is very easy to get stuck in the past (I have done that many times myself), and I have found myself doing that recently.

Today however, like I noticed with my runes, I am beginning to move forward. I should bring that energy when I was looking back, that happy wonder, and use it on things that I do now, and do things to get myself out of this rut, so to speak.

With that said, it should be fairly easy to keep a positive attitude as I move on with the day! ❤

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Tarot Study: Day Six


Today’s card is about happiness, stability, and creativity in a way. My runes had a lot to do with creativity and the burning energy of it, so to speak. The card represents stability in the sense that things have come to a pause, although that is only temporary as this is not the true end. It is the end of one thing, but the beginning of another. The book mentioned that usually this card is depicted as a wedding, which is the end of one form of a relationship, and the beginning of something much more. I guess you could say I have come to that same pause. I have finally accepted a new part of myself, which I have ended the self doubt, but now I have to be ready to start the new challenges of staying confident in myself, and being able to do things about it. I am just at the beginning of this. I am at the start of a whole new adventure, I currently have that stability, but like the card is, this is not the end yet, this has only just begun. ❤

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Tarot study: Day 5


Hello, I am finally back with another day of my tarot study, like I may or may not have said in my last post, happiness is today’s theme!

The card itself is bright, and there are birds flying. I guess you could say you are soaring with joy!

I got from this card that I should focus on that, and try to keep myself up.

and plus, this card also is about fulfillment, which means you are getting things done! It is about the happiness that is inside.