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Morning is a Success

I went on my run, and the moon was still out this morning! It was pretty cold (my phone told me it was only 47 degrees out there, so it wasn’t as bad as I had originally feared it would be! I did yoga before my run, and some yoga after! I feel super great. I was doing a little bit of walking as the sun was rising and I managed to get a great photo of the sunrise. Before it even really touched the horizon really, but still, its there! I think it is safe to say that this morning was a success! Now, I just have to go through the rest of today and make it great too.

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The Day So Far…


So, yeah, waking up at five in the morning was the best idea I have ever had. It looks absolutely gorgeous outside, currently (sadly, it is already getting warm, but the air had a nice chill to it at 6 this morning!). I have just finished studying my Russian for the day, and have now moved on to the baby blanket I have been working on for what feels like age20170521_091719s now. I think it is coming along quite nicely, now. I have included some pictures for this too so that you can see my progress! I have taken to taking my notes in a bullet journal fashion, which is actually really nice. I wish I did that for my old Spanish and French notes (found my old French notebook from high school, and was appalled by my use of pencil for my notes, why didn’t I use colored pens? It is not like I did not have them? Well, it is what is is. I have a feeling I won’t be using those notes anyway, but one can hope, right? I managed to get a decent selfie 20170521_091756as well, and I just am still very proud that I managed to wake up at a decent time so that I could get all this stuff done. Which includes my morning yoga, I wrote in 750 words, I did a Rune post, and I studied my language, plus I am currently knitting my blanket that I am trying to make.

I say that today’s summary is: accomplished.

and I look it!



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Good Morning!

I’m actually quite happy this morning, I managed to do more yoga, I got in a little game time, which was fun, and I am about to go and get myself some breakfast made so that I will not be so ravenous at work, especially since I did not plan to be in at noon today, I was supposed to be in at three, but whatever, at least I was able to wake up this morning, and that is all that matters to me, haha! 😀

Anyways, have a good day guys!

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Warm Days, Cool Nights

I am quite pleased with how the weather has been for the last few days. I have the entire house open, and it is very wonderful. At night, I actually get a little chilled. Which to me, is the best thing ever. Now, if only this fucking mosquito would leave me alone, then I would be fantastic!

I managed to do some yoga, and I feel so much better, it was especially nice with the birds chirping in the background, and the sun filtering through the tree, and reflecting back in from the white walls around the back yard. It is a very small yard, so the light reflects in from almost every angle. I like it. But not in the summer, the summer heat makes that light kind of dangerously hot. :/ Oh well, the weather is getting much nicer now! 😀

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Well, today I did some yoga, I also did some on Monday. And now I am forming a schedule! Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I will do Yoga. I have also started walking to work (despite it being hotter than hell), but that is partly because my bike tire is flat. As much as it is slower. I feel a little better once I get to work/get home. Although I do hard work, and am exhausted by the end of my shift, I feel more accomplished now, I am starting to realize, than before.

I really am enjoying starting to get up earlier in the day. I managed to wake up at 8 am twice in a row now, and I feel so much better, so that means probably when I get home I will most likely go straight to bed after a shower because I will be so exhausted. At least I have a set schedule next week. It’s not a fucking circus like these last few weeks have been. I can’t do anything with how they run the goddamn store. It’s no wonder they can’t keep people. We literally have like a total of five or six people running a whole deli that needs at least two, even three times, that many people to run it properly. I’ve considered finding a new job.

But yesterday, when I consulted my runes, they told me that I have benefits that will be worth waiting for (especially considering in about five or six weeks, I will have worked there for a year). They told me that I have many road blocks (so to speak) that I need to hurdle over in order to advance myself, and part of that I believe is referring to my sleeping too much, my over consumption of soda, and all the shit I have been eating (and waning out of my diet). I didn’t get a soda today, I did however as a treat, buy myself a Starbucks coffee and a cheese danish, for doing my yoga today instead of skipping it like I wanted to (I am incredibly sore). So I have found that with less soda, and less shit-food, I feel better, happier, and more ready for the day.


and with that, I am off to record today’s vlog, best wishes to everyone! ❤