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Morning Runes


Today’s runes are about good fortune, generosity, and movement. It seems to be a common thing with today’s tarot card (which will be up in a couple of hours time). It is about time I started doing things again. I saw that in my dream last night actually, because in my dream I was getting much done, like I am sort of doing now. I have plans, and I am moving to complete them. Any blocks I had before are not there now and so it is easier for me to do so.

Day to Day · Dreams?

College AU-esque dreams

Last night, I know its like almost midnight now here, but like it is still stuck in my head, and I want to put this somewhere so that I may not loose it again, but I had a dream. It was kind of like somebody’s College AU for their shitty, unfinished fanfiction, or really well done one, whatever the case. But for some reason, we were not allowed to lock our dorm doors. I roomed with some stranger who was my best friend? I never said their name, but I saw my own face in the mirror and saw I was a guy. My hair was a little long and in a short ponytail, and I had that slight unshaven look. I looked exhausted too. But whoever I was rooming with never showed me their face. I took some frozen pizza and a couple of baguettes out of the dormitories “free food boxes” that were littered about the campus. I also managed to get a cup of coffee somewhere. When I was heading up to my dorm room  (which was fucking tiny) somebody had locked their door and security was heading up to it, the light outside the door was on basically telling everybody that the door was locked. Somebody screamed, they carried a body out of the room minutes later. I shut the door and set the baguettes on top of shelf above my bed and put the pizzas there too. I told my roommate I brought food for when we were hungry and that I had already eaten. They said they ate too. The dream ended later with me wandering the campus alone, it was sunset, and I was in a garden. People meandered about obscurely. Not noticing me, not caring. Nobody said anything about the dead girl down the hall. Nobody said anything about the lack of being allowed to lock our doors. Probably for our own safety, but why would they let the doors have locks in the first place? The whole dormitory looked like a hospital. Minus the hospital staff, but it had that feeling. I woke up feeling out of place, kind of not real. Like I had just walked back from another realm. It was so weird. It’s still in my head.