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A blog post

I didn’t really know what to title this, so here, have an incredibly¬†unoriginal blog title!

My current baby blanket project (needs ends weaved in still)

Anyways, I wanted to make this blog post about my crochet. Since, honestly, I don’t really blog about my crochet. I just make vlogs. But here goes nothing! To the right you will notice my baby blanket project, which I have been talking about for ages in my vlogs. But it’s nice to see a good photo of it there. I had originally started it a year ago for a random project I was intending to sell, but as time went on, and I lost interest in trying to knit squares, I let the project sit in a box safe from the dust (the box itself gathered dust though). I am working on it now for a coworker though, oh, and get this: I am never knitting again. I am no good at it. I’ll just stick with what I know, thank you.

Current scarf project (mom knits, and I add borders to the ends and weave in the ends)

And then above I have my most current scarf project. Really its also my mom’s ’cause all I really do here is add borders to the ends of them (single crochet one row, and then picot stitch a second) and then weave in the ends. I am super excited because these scarves are really looking good! I am super happy with finishing them too. Like I feel super relieved at the end. But this may take a while because I am also trying to work on that baby blanket. So, wish me luck guys!