Name: Liam 

Nicknames: Lulu, Sunshine, Sunflower, Lee, Magnus, Marius, Timur, Maxim, Papa, Max

Alignments (?): Ravenclaw, INFP, Lawful Neutral

Favorite Color(s): Purple, Blue

Favorite Music Genres: Indie, Electronic, Melodic Dubstep

Age: 19 (B-day: Feb. 9)

Learning Style: Tactile learner


Otherkin/fictionkin system. I write fanfiction and am working slowly on a novel [Which I will be posting on my Wattpad when I actually work on it]

I love to crochet, knit, and learn things. I tend to listen to music and daydream quite a bit, but not so much so that I cannot see my goals. I am pagan and I enjoy working with rune stones and tarot cards. I also enjoy yoga. I am an unusual morning person, I tend to do better waking up in the morning to move on to yoga, and I happen to be just now starting to take care of myself (drinking between one and two cups of water before my coffee, eating healthier, taking more personal bike rides, and of course yoga) and I feel like I can start blogging like I used to. I am also transgender (sadly I am not allowed to start hormones until I am 21 [I have a plan that I am gonna follow, it’s kind of clever rlly], and I tend to look super feminine but have this photo from prom when I actually looked like a guy!


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