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Daily Runes [9-27-17]


Today’s runes are about many things. Plans may not go as you had intended for them to go today, but that is okay. This is all part of some internal growth, as problem solving may not be your best suit, but it may be time to work on it. Frustration may happen because of this, but don’t let your frustration completely overwhelm you. Good things are coming from this roadblock.

And when you get past it all, it will be like a whole new day has come.

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Daily Runes [9-26-17]


Today’s runes aren’t telling you to rush forward and complete your goals. The runes are saying that today the focus is on meditation, thinking things through, and taking things slowly. You also have Isa (which is also this weeks’ focus), which is a standstill. Everything has paused.

Things have come to a pause.

This is a time for thinking, not really doing.

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Daily Runes [9-25-17]


Today’s Runes are about the self, and how you must work on yourself before you can progress spiritually, or otherwise. We have some progress here today, in the sense you should spend some time getting to know yourself in this time of quiet.

Self-care is important here, don’t let yourself fall down, because that will hurt more than you can handle right now.

Remember to also share your successes and remember to be joyous in what you do.

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Daily Runes


Today’s Runes are also reminding you to clean out the old, which is also a great thing to do especially right now, as the New Moon has come around, and that means this is a great time for cleansing away the old, and bringing in the new. We have got our movement in play, and it is time to just go with the flow of things and just let the old stuff fall away, this cleansing of the old is a need at this point. But that also may come with a price, personal or otherwise. Pain is going to be involved, so this is not going to be easy for you to do, and remember that, keep that in mind when you have an obstacle and you’re not very certain you even want to hurdle over it.

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A Little Memento

I remember when I used to do jogging a couple years back, I will still in high school at the time, and I loved jogging early in the morning, especially since I used to get up at five in the morning every day. I miss that, too to be honest, but with how late I work I have to be up later than that. I found that the heat also made it harder for me to breathe while I exercised today, so earlier in the morning definitely has to be a thing. I didn’t have that trouble when I went running at six am Friday morning.

Oh and that Chai I talked about in my vlog today… it tastes fantastic.

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Daily Runes



Alright, today’s Runes are about separation, communication, caution, change, and growth. This is a good day for making some changes. Definitely getting rid of some old things, too. It is a time to communicate about whatever may go wrong, or get in the way, and it is a day to start weeding out those old things you are not needing anymore, and haven’t needed for some time now.

I think that this is a great way to start the week, it is only Monday, and here we have the beginning, weeding out the old to begin the new is probably one of the best ways to start with a week of gradual change. Of course, things like this tend to take a bit of time.

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I used to blog a lot more

I was looking at my old gaming blog, where I used to talk about all the gaming stuff I used to do (and am kind of picking back up because I am an unforgiving nerd like that). I realize now that I just need to start talking about things again. I mean, I used to actually talk about my language studies. So, sooner or later (likely sooner) I will have to start blogging about that again. I also used to blog about my progress with my yoga and all that jazz, but then I just.. kind of stopped? It all happened when I got depressed about a year-ish ago, and that influenced a lot of what I did for a very long time, I guess I am only just now seeing that I used to be much happier in my posting and much more regular (and I kind of miss it?). It doesn’t help that I got all wrapped up how I am supposed to blog. To be honest, there isn’t really a specific way to blog. So I just need to get over whatever block has been stopping me and just post things again, I was much happier when I just blogged about whatever came to mind.