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Tarot Study:

wp-1498166425269The keywords in this card are logic, clarity, and power. You are about to cut through the gloom surrounding something confusing, the ace promises mental clarity, but sometimes at the expense of feelings. You have an opportunity to cut through a cloud of conflicting feelings to the truth of a matter, which is probably about you. The art is a hand reaching out to a light, a glowing star of inspiration. Cut to the core of what you believe in.

Through frustration and tense conditions, you will find that things get better. Having faith in oneself and persevering will pay off incredibly well. Your renewed sense of clarity about yourself, as well as the world around you, will improve satisfaction with how things are going.

Just a little lesson to remember that you need to keep a cool head when dealing with tougher situations and to remember to think instead of just reacting.


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