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WIP Wednesday Vlog!

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Daily Runes!

wp-1495549727340Progress, and the strength to keep pushing forward and to have joy in it. I have the mystery of another challenge. I am doing pretty good though, all things considered, I have woken again at five in the morning, yeah, I spent more time browsing the internet instead of trying to wake up. But I still did my yoga, and I feel pretty good about that. I think that if I keep going along the way that I am going, I will get a lot more done, and overall I will feel more accomplished than I did before. And that is my goal. Well, that and just moving forward instead of being in the same spot I was three weeks ago. . .

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Daily Runes

We have completwp-1495464138119ion, new beginnings, and growth. It seems that with new beginnings I am able to move forward, and complete things. I got up today (as it is now day three that I woke up on the time that I wanted to) and I am now getting lots of stuff done, and I don’t have to be to work till a bit later than yesterday (three extra hours!). I just have to keep pushing forward and I will find that completion so I can do it again tomorrow! I feel proud of myself and I feel like I am going the right way, fixing my sleeping schedule and doing things immediately after waking up (like my yoga today) and eating a good breakfast and then just going forward with my day.

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The Day So Far…


So, yeah, waking up at five in the morning was the best idea I have ever had. It looks absolutely gorgeous outside, currently (sadly, it is already getting warm, but the air had a nice chill to it at 6 this morning!). I have just finished studying my Russian for the day, and have now moved on to the baby blanket I have been working on for what feels like age20170521_091719s now. I think it is coming along quite nicely, now. I have included some pictures for this too so that you can see my progress! I have taken to taking my notes in a bullet journal fashion, which is actually really nice. I wish I did that for my old Spanish and French notes (found my old French notebook from high school, and was appalled by my use of pencil for my notes, why didn’t I use colored pens? It is not like I did not have them? Well, it is what is is. I have a feeling I won’t be using those notes anyway, but one can hope, right? I managed to get a decent selfie 20170521_091756as well, and I just am still very proud that I managed to wake up at a decent time so that I could get all this stuff done. Which includes my morning yoga, I wrote in 750 words, I did a Rune post, and I studied my language, plus I am currently knitting my blanket that I am trying to make.

I say that today’s summary is: accomplished.

and I look it!



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Daily Runes

wp-1495372904795I woke up bright and early today, not only because I have to be to work earlier, but I wanted to actually get things done. With plenty of sleep (which I barely managed) and some fresh iced coffee post yoga this morning, I toss the Runes and I see that today things talk about mainly strength, partnership, harvest and going with the flow of things.

I have the strength to go with that flow I have created, in which I have also come to communicate with my mother better and deal better with the things of business. I am also coming to make things right for myself. I have been taking much better care of myself (emotionally and physically [with the yoga]), and so I feel so much better about things and I am doing more things, too.

I think… that this is a good start, no?

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Rune Post:

Breakthrwp-1495302195660ough, that is one of the main words in this. New beginnings. A turnaround. The flow of things is going in the direction that I need it too, and I have what I need to be happy. Now I just need to use that, to be content. Mindfulness and enlightenment. Which are both big things considering the studies I have undertaken. I have a lot of plans, and I have a lot of ideas. I need to stick to it now, and let go of my fears in order to continue forward. You can’t reap what you sow if you are too afraid to sow the seeds, whether that be good or bad, but that is the kind of thing that leads to stagnation, which leads to unhappiness in my experiences. You can’t grow or move forward in stagnation.