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Daily Runes


Okay, so I know it is has been quite some time, but I have not had the spoons really to be doing blog posts for a while. Anyways, now that my energy has been replenished (hopefully by doing more as I have been will help), I can get back to my sort of regular posting. Today’s Runes talk about how I have been disappointed, mainly in myself. I have a new beginning coming around as well, especially considering that my birthday is on Thursday, which could very well be its own “new year.” So, in a sense, I have a chance to reset, to begin again. Like in my last Rune post, I should look at my goals, reconfigure, before I end up even more frustrated and angry about everything, having fallen into the same rut as always. I have a chance to overcome habit and make new ways that will help me improve better. I have a great opportunity right now, especially considering I have taken the whole week off from work, vacation time is kicking in here, so that I may reset. I think I have chosen a good time for that.