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Daily Runes


Today’s Runes talk about the self, mostly. It seems that there is (as usual) a lot of work to be done. I think that I should probably take another look at my goals, I noticed that a big part of today’s message is about re-starting, and just letting go. Maybe that is saying something, especially considering this one question I got that made me truly think about what I am trying to accomplish. I also noticed that they also referred to happiness (or joy) as well as new light. So perhaps, I am looking to make myself happier, and that I should reconsider what my goals are, and keep this all in mind. Going back to the question I got earlier this week, I had someone silently look at me for a minute while I was cashiering, and then they asked me “what is your dream?” That is the question that got me thinking because I did not have an answer, I did not know. Perhaps, I should probably find the answer to that first. Figure out what my end goal is. Then slowly work my way forward.

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Art Video!

decided to try something new, yeah, this is a little late for the new year, but whatever. I am doing something, something that will challenge me. Short video, so not much it!

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Anyways, if you want to, check out my patreon, and I have all of my links all here!






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Tarot Study: Day 12

wp-1483318016360.jpgToday’s lesson is about business, competence, stability, and wealth. I think that today’s focus is especially pertinent to the new year.

I have plans to be stable in the future [later part of the year] which will take hard work. And a lot of saving. There wont be room for much frivolous things. No eating out, or going too many places, because of this: I have plans, and big goals.

One of which is getting a new computer, and getting out of this state [not overly fond of the summers here, and they just keep gettin’ longer!]. So with those things in mind, I have a lot that I could learn from this card.

I will have to be level headed, and grounded. I think that is one of my biggest mistakes last year, I was not really here, so to speak. I was too busy thinking about the “what if’s” and I spent too much on shit I didn’t really need (did I need a chromebook? no, but I still got it). Although, I have to say, this chromebook is great. But what I am getting at is that I need to be just a bit stingy, I need to put my energies into more productive things. To make business. I need to make results, need to make things happen.

I feel confident that I can do better than last year. 🙂

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Happy New Year!

Alright, so I mentioned in my earlier runes post that I am pretty hopeful for the new year!

I have my bullet journal [pictured on the left] with all my goals and my little trackers, and I have almost everything done just for today! I had the day off, so I guess you could say it was almost a freebie day! I feel good nonetheless! I got shit done. It feels good. Early this morning (about midnight) I started a spell for the new year [pictured on the right], and so I feel pretty confident that I can carry this new energy into the rest of the year, I specifically used the black candles to banish the negativity from last year. I also put in good words for some people in hopes that they too can have a good year.

Anyways, I have the next two weeks planned out (right alongside my work schedule), so I am pretty busy, but organized I hope! I also decided to post here my best six selfies last year [posted already on my instagram, but it is the one on the upper left]. I also feel good about all this because I also went on a walk [right hand side] and I had to bundle up because this morning I had a scratchy throat. I think that was because I left one of my main candles burning, and my door wasn’t cracked open anymore, so when it burned it just made the room unbearably stuffy! I feel better now, scratchy throat gone!

Speaking of bullet journals, I decided that I will have a word for the year! My word is prevail. I figured that it is good, because I will overcome all of that which stops me, and I will have one hell of a victory this year.


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Today’s Runes


Yeah, this is extremely late today, but whatever. I have not posted anything in a good long while, so this is something! The lack of posting is because the last couple of weeks have been just one low spoon day after the other, barely hung on, but I think I am finally out of that funk! New year, new start! So, with that said, I hope you all had a fun time last night, and that you felt as good about all this as I do!

Anyways, these runes tell me that today I should focus my thoughts and gratitude for the generosity that I have had, and that I should focus my creative energy into my goals. I should use that strength I have but not to over tax myself. Keep that fire going, so to speak.

Anyways, again sorry for the lack of posting, but I feel pretty hopeful for the new year! I think I will make a separate post about why, and what I have going. 😀