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Morning Runes


Today´s runes speak much of slowing down, to look at everything that is going on, and to decide how I will move forward, to learn lessons from what has gone wrong for me (if applicable, which I know there are some things I could improve!). Also, there is joy, and I should look to myself and see what I can do to keep that joy, to keep things going the way I need them to, I can’t break down, and if I do, I should get back up and just keep going. Communication is key, I should be thankful and appreciative to those who have been helping me recently, as I have gotten a lot of help. This is a positive message for me, because it tells me that I am on the right path.

Day to Day · divination · Runes

Morning Runes


okay, so with today’s theme is about change, self-change, more like. Growth, rebirth, transformation, and connections are being done here. Also I have to slow down, consider all options in order to avert a disaster [so to speak]. I think this may also relate to the massive rune reading I did last night (I didn’t get any pictures), but it said that for my future plans I have a lot of self-change and growth I need to do, I need to literally turn myself around sharply and move onward, but not to push forward, I guess you could say I have to take baby steps in order to get where I need to, and should I fail I will have the ultimate smackdown from the Universe [which won’t be fun]. But this is kind of a positive thing for me, as I have been at a standstill the last couple of days, in terms of what I am doing.

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Tarot Study: Day Eleven

wp-1481046212565.jpgThis card is the first Major Arcana card in my study, quite fitting, if you ask me! This is a card about sacrifice, self-awareness, and wisdom.

In the book, Odin is actually referenced, and that is not the first time today something about Odin has popped up in my radar.

Concerning my horrid habits [lack of sleep, too much sugar, declining health due to lack of yoga], I have actually been reverting them, with much pain, and I started that with a jolting start because of my tarot cards, and my daily runes.

But also with my writing as well. I realized that if I am to properly learn my divination, and have it down in my memory [which my runes are coming quite close to that for a good portion of them], I need to take care of myself. Eating healthier is one way I have gone. I have basically given up fast food entirely (it isn’t that hard considering I have not gone out to eat in months) and giving up sugar (I am esp. doing that with my coffee, soon I bet it will be just black coffee). I am also making myself drink more water. I am “sacrificing” all these things that made me unhealthy so that I can focus better on all sorts of learning. I have my Norwegian book gathering dust currently on my desk, my tarot study (this) is moving incredibly slower (aka, I am not doing it as often as I would like and that is because some days, I can’t be bothered to get out of bed).

The healthier I get, the better I perform. The better I perform, the better I learn. And the better I learn, the better I can write. It all is a big circle, to be honest.

So with that said, I should be prepared for some sort of change, I think I already see it, but perhaps, I must keep an eye on it, and see it through myself. Give that change a little nudge out the door for the adventure that awaits.

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Morning Runes


Finally, a morning runes post in the morning! So, good morning to everyone, or afternoon, or even evening, it is morning here for me, I don’t quite know your time, so whatever it is, then may it be good! Anyways, today’s runes are about movement, communication, strength, and joy. A very positive set of runes today! I know this is good because I have begun moving, I got up at 6 in the morning today (partly because I have to do it tomorrow to get to work on time), and I nearly started doing things immediately. The hardest part was actually getting out of the bed, that took a whole different kind of strength. But once I got moving, it was easy to keep doing other things. I watched Friday the 13th as well, a movie I had been meaning to re-watch for quite some time, but now I can turn it back in to the library and be happy about it! Perhaps after tomorrow and the next day, I will finally find a schedule that will work for me. Even if it is getting up long before the dawn and just doing things.

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Tarot Study: Day Ten

wp-1480881266309.jpgtoday’s card is a nurturing, practical, and generous card. It is also maternal.

It is also about being stable and comfortable with what you have.

This card thrives on stability.

The art represents beauty, kindness, and comfort.

I think that this is something to be a reminder to me. As in, I should learn to e more comfortable in my life. I should also be striving for stability, if I already do not have it.

with that being said, I am going to leave this off with the note that this is a fairly happy card and I am glad that this is my focus for today.

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Morning Runes


Today’s runes are about good fortune, generosity, and movement. It seems to be a common thing with today’s tarot card (which will be up in a couple of hours time). It is about time I started doing things again. I saw that in my dream last night actually, because in my dream I was getting much done, like I am sort of doing now. I have plans, and I am moving to complete them. Any blocks I had before are not there now and so it is easier for me to do so.