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Tarot Study: Day Nine

wp-1480445428685.jpgokay, so today’s little lesson reminds me not to day dream too much, yeah I have ideas and hopes for the future, but I should keep a realistic lens on it all.

I could be moving slower, progressing slower, than I was earlier this week, I could be preoccupied by the thoughts of self-doubt of whimsical desire.

Like I stated in my runes post, I should keep my awareness on the things going on around me, and not necessarily on all the different things that could be, or could have been.

With that in mind I will continue on with the day with a positive mindset with the hopes of doing a better job on the things I do, and keep myself from being overwhelmed so that I do not fall into that oh-so familiar rut of daydreaming constantly (because that does happen!).


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Morning Runes


Today’s runes tell me that I should be aware of what is going on around me, and that I should ask questions if I have any, I should also keep my mind on the creative side but to be careful, since I have actually hit a roadblock. Literally. I have the worst writer’s block right now, when I write I am just spewing out things in hopes of getting an idea. Since I am trying to re-write the first chapters of my book, in hopes of bringing the plot to life, I guess you could say I have a literal new beginning going on. I should not dwell to much on how “I can’t” and just keep brain dumping in order to get what I need going. It may take several tries, and that is okay. In the end, it will all work out.

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Tarot Study: Day Eight

wp-1480275433739.jpgWell today’s card has to do with satisfaction, teamwork, and accomplishment. It has a very strong connotation of teamwork and it suggests your are either happy at you job, or that you long to be happy.

Happiness in your work is very possible, and it is a very worthy goal.

The art caught my attention, as it has three roses, witch symbolize growth, but the fact that they are not in full bloom says that this is only the beginning and that there is still more to go. I also noticed the lights above them, and the book said that this also shows that you should care for your soul as well.

So in mind with things that have already been in play today, I should keep a light heart and an open mind.

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Morning Runes


Today’s runes tell me that I should look to myself today, I should keep meditation in my plans and that I should be wary of what other people say to me, and also how I respond, that I should be thoughtful. But also that I am on a good path, that I have good fortune and joy in my day. I believe that to be true as long as I keep a positive attitude and react in a positive manner. 😀

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Tarot Study: Day Seven


okay, so today this card represents nostalgia. But it doesn’t really deal with pain, it is more of a child-like innocence. Like being “when was a kid” and going on about something great that you remembered. But it is very easy to get stuck in the past (I have done that many times myself), and I have found myself doing that recently.

Today however, like I noticed with my runes, I am beginning to move forward. I should bring that energy when I was looking back, that happy wonder, and use it on things that I do now, and do things to get myself out of this rut, so to speak.

With that said, it should be fairly easy to keep a positive attitude as I move on with the day! ❤

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Morning Runes


Today’s runes seem to deal with a little of everything I have been suffering for the last week. But also, it deals with the hope I carry for the next week. For the hope that on my day off I will actually get some stuff done. But, that is not always the case. I am also doing really well with my writing. I did a vlog today. I feel better about things than I have in a while, despite some people’s horrid moods. I will be in a bit of a rut, which I have seen the last couple of days, and I will probably have to do a lot to get out of it.

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Tarot Study: Day Six


Today’s card is about happiness, stability, and creativity in a way. My runes had a lot to do with creativity and the burning energy of it, so to speak. The card represents stability in the sense that things have come to a pause, although that is only temporary as this is not the true end. It is the end of one thing, but the beginning of another. The book mentioned that usually this card is depicted as a wedding, which is the end of one form of a relationship, and the beginning of something much more. I guess you could say I have come to that same pause. I have finally accepted a new part of myself, which I have ended the self doubt, but now I have to be ready to start the new challenges of staying confident in myself, and being able to do things about it. I am just at the beginning of this. I am at the start of a whole new adventure, I currently have that stability, but like the card is, this is not the end yet, this has only just begun. ❤

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Morning Runes


Today’s runes are actually pretty good today! There is a lot to do with good fortune, delays, creativity, and goals. So that means I may have the energy to get my goals into play, but I may find that I have some sort of block, but I have a feeling that it will only be a block to my creativity, like I was having a bit of art block today, still kind of am, but I am ready to deal with anything that comes in  my way today, I think I have done pretty good so far, despite getting up so late! With that said, I better get my stuff into play!

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Tarot study: Day 5


Hello, I am finally back with another day of my tarot study, like I may or may not have said in my last post, happiness is today’s theme!

The card itself is bright, and there are birds flying. I guess you could say you are soaring with joy!

I got from this card that I should focus on that, and try to keep myself up.

and plus, this card also is about fulfillment, which means you are getting things done! It is about the happiness that is inside.