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Morning Runes

I know I haven’t done this in a couple of days, but my schedule had to be changed a tad, and now I’m back!


Today, it seems that I have powerful creative energy, which I will be able to put into use, and it could be in any way. It could be because NaNoWriMo is about to begin, so I should keep my “great ideas book” near me today in case I get any ideas for my book. I am seeing that this is good fortune for me, as I am finally starting my life again!

Day to Day · divination · Runes

October 27th Runes


So, today’s runes tell me that today I will have success and growth if I just get to it. I can’t procrastinate, I can be slow, because that might be all my strength that I have. Good fortune seems to be in my future, as it also seems to remind me that I should meditate more, because yesterday my spirit guide challenged me after I asked her a question. She wanted me to see the future, see what I could see. And I just saw bits and pieces as I knew I would, she had me look to around 8:30-9:30 pm. I saw myself cleaning the back of the deli (well, parts of it). And all during work, I was like “how is that gonna happen??” and I decided that I would trust it. I kept that smile on my face despite how busy it was because I had a feeling it would all work out and that I would get out at a decent time, like I sort of predicted.

And I did, I did most of what I saw. I even saw myself laughing at some point, and i realized I did that because I realized what I saw was true. So, I guess this lesson is to trust myself, even if my chances are slim. I don’t like looking into the future too often, because I feel like I would rely on that like a crutch, and get mad when I was wrong. Although I know for a fact that I don’t get clearly of anything unless my spirit guide wants me to see it, or if she decides I need to see it.

I think that today I will meditate on this, and see what she has to say, because I know that after this weird dream I had, and yesterday, she wants me to grow spiritually. It seems that she has decided I am ready for that.

Day to Day · divination · Runes

Today’s Runes!


Allright, so it seems that I may have some sort of revelation or something, and that good fortune will come from it as I act on it,.or finalize some action, and that any unresolved issues will be washed away, so to speak. It seems that a common theme this week is movement. I can’t stop moving. I have to, else I will get washed away myself and get stuck in yet another rut of problems. I take this as a sign to start adding a little to my routine a little at a time. Not so much to overwhelm myself, because that too will wipe me out. Gotta stay floating on top of it until I can fly again.

Day to Day

Morning Runes


Well, I’m doing them in the afternoon, but oh well, at least I am doing them, my intention is to do them before I leave the house, or do anything too important. This is so I have a general idea of how I should approach things in my day, and help me decide on how I should react in different scenarios.

Today’s runes tell me the past is behind, and that especially now that I have had a day off, I should just let last week slip away, so that it won’t bother me in the coming week. I have the strength and power to keep going, and get good things if I do good, but the same could be said if I approach it with a sour attitude and just get bad back to me.

Day to Day · divination · Runes

Morning Runes

I am sorry I didn’t do any thing yesterday, I was kind of short on time, I even couldn’t do my vlog!


Alright, with today’s cup of coffee I have these guys. Yesterday was kind of a bad day, because the store manager had me help in the deli for thirty minutes tops,  and then my manager in the bakery got mad, yelled at the deli manager, and then she had the gall to tell me when I returned “are you done helping the deli?”  and I was just so insulted, I almost said, “excuse me, but you  should talk to the store manager, he is the one who told me to do that.” I didn’t however, because I know that would have made a mess, and so now I am kind of worried about going in today, but this kind of tells me that there will be new stuff to work with, considering we have new stuff in that needs to be put out in the store, and that any problems will be overcome, and even just washed away. It will be a progressive day.

Anyways, with that little prophecy and tale to tell, I move out to go see what today has to offer! ❤

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Morning Runes

I guess you could say I am having some coffee with my runes, haha, …. anyways, lets go!


So bonus points for my runes and my rune dice both having a slightly different symbol for the rune called Ing, or Ingwaz (depends on where you look). I had to look it up based on the process of elimination. That was fun (it actually was, because it just threw me off! :D). Anyways, yeah yesterday I did have quite the delay, but I managed to actually get stuff done despite it. Today’s runes tell me that I will have the strength and discipline to overcome those delays or boundaries today, I will have a forward progress today. And I may find some sort of benefit from that.

I will let you guys know tomorrow what happened from that.

Day to Day · divination · Runes

Daily Runes


Alright, so I drew, excuse me.. rolled, these guys for my daily runes thing that I started up recently! From what I got from this was that today would be a creative, energetic day, but I would find myself a bit of a pickle and get delayed in some of my work. Which isn’t a lie, considering I’m procrastinating right now by writing this post, and the fact that I started my day super late. Not as I originally planned.

Day to Day · Dreams?

College AU-esque dreams

Last night, I know its like almost midnight now here, but like it is still stuck in my head, and I want to put this somewhere so that I may not loose it again, but I had a dream. It was kind of like somebody’s College AU for their shitty, unfinished fanfiction, or really well done one, whatever the case. But for some reason, we were not allowed to lock our dorm doors. I roomed with some stranger who was my best friend? I never said their name, but I saw my own face in the mirror and saw I was a guy. My hair was a little long and in a short ponytail, and I had that slight unshaven look. I looked exhausted too. But whoever I was rooming with never showed me their face. I took some frozen pizza and a couple of baguettes out of the dormitories “free food boxes” that were littered about the campus. I also managed to get a cup of coffee somewhere. When I was heading up to my dorm room  (which was fucking tiny) somebody had locked their door and security was heading up to it, the light outside the door was on basically telling everybody that the door was locked. Somebody screamed, they carried a body out of the room minutes later. I shut the door and set the baguettes on top of shelf above my bed and put the pizzas there too. I told my roommate I brought food for when we were hungry and that I had already eaten. They said they ate too. The dream ended later with me wandering the campus alone, it was sunset, and I was in a garden. People meandered about obscurely. Not noticing me, not caring. Nobody said anything about the dead girl down the hall. Nobody said anything about the lack of being allowed to lock our doors. Probably for our own safety, but why would they let the doors have locks in the first place? The whole dormitory looked like a hospital. Minus the hospital staff, but it had that feeling. I woke up feeling out of place, kind of not real. Like I had just walked back from another realm. It was so weird. It’s still in my head.