Today’s Vlog

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Well, today I did some yoga, I also did some on Monday. And now I am forming a schedule! Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I will do Yoga. I have also started walking to work (despite it being hotter than hell), but that is partly because my bike tire is flat. As much as it is slower. I feel a little better once I get to work/get home. Although I do hard work, and am exhausted by the end of my shift, I feel more accomplished now, I am starting to realize, than before.

I really am enjoying starting to get up earlier in the day. I managed to wake up at 8 am twice in a row now, and I feel so much better, so that means probably when I get home I will most likely go straight to bed after a shower because I will be so exhausted. At least I have a set schedule next week. It’s not a fucking circus like these last few weeks have been. I can’t do anything with how they run the goddamn store. It’s no wonder they can’t keep people. We literally have like a total of five or six people running a whole deli that needs at least two, even three times, that many people to run it properly. I’ve considered finding a new job.

But yesterday, when I consulted my runes, they told me that I have benefits that will be worth waiting for (especially considering in about five or six weeks, I will have worked there for a year). They told me that I have many road blocks (so to speak) that I need to hurdle over in order to advance myself, and part of that I believe is referring to my sleeping too much, my over consumption of soda, and all the shit I have been eating (and waning out of my diet). I didn’t get a soda today, I did however as a treat, buy myself a Starbucks coffee and a cheese danish, for doing my yoga today instead of skipping it like I wanted to (I am incredibly sore). So I have found that with less soda, and less shit-food, I feel better, happier, and more ready for the day.


and with that, I am off to record today’s vlog, best wishes to everyone! ❤