Tarot Study?

I have been thinking lately that maybe I should really start that. When I first tried, I just couldn’t feel it. The cards basically told me to slow down, and pause. “Hold still,” that is what I heard in my dream when I first tried starting. But I have gotten sort of this feeling I should try again. The box I have them stored in with a card cloth around them is beckoning me. I think I will. Probably today, probably tomorrow. I don’t know. I have to clean my room up first before I go utterly insane… I can’t do anything with divination in such a disatrous mess. Okay, maybe I can read runes just fine, but you know, the chaos in the corner of my vision still bugs me. It bugs me a lot. So I am just going to take care of it! 😀 


Good Day

I think today is a good day! I woke up nice and early for once, and I managed to do quite a bit of crocheting. I think I may record a vlog tomorrow since I’m off tomorrow. For today though, I need to focus on getting to work! 😀 I always make it early. I clock in on time. Always. There are rare exceptions.

I’ve got myself a nice cup of Earl Grey and I’m just trying to mentally prepare myself for the day. Maybe it won’t be too busy because everybody will be outside having fun in the sun! But if it is (which for when I’m going in, I’m pretty sure it will be for a couple of hours), that means I can keep myself quite busy. The taste of tea on my tongue reminds me of cooler autumn days, and of course I get a bit happy at that. I’ve got plans for today and tomorrow. Either art or crochet will be done.

Today. Today, I will just gather my focus.

Hope everyone else has a good day too!

Day to Day


That is something that I desperately need these days. I’ve managed to gain twenty pounds over the last few months. And that is very bad. This is the most I have ever weighed. I need to get it back down to a healthier range (which I was at twenty pounds ago to be perfectly honest). But then I drank too much soda. I ate too much shit food. No more shit food. I haven’t had to much since I stopped drinking soda. But then again, I also haven’t been eating much at all either. So in the last week, I have managed to get control of my eating so that I am eating a regular three meals a day (not so much to be unhealthy, but not too little to be starving myself). I had my first soda in a month. It didn’t taste very good. I do not very much fancy doing that again. 

Anyways, back to my goal. Now that I have gotten a handle on my eating habits, now I need to be more physical. Like I need exercise. Yeah, I ride my bike to work, I ride it about three miles down the canal and back about three times a week. But now I need to do something else. Thinking of starting yoga again, but I would have to do it inside now as it is way too fucking hot outside to do anything really. May my now dead garden plants that I can’t salvage rest in peace! 😥 I also need to clean my room again before I loose my fucking mind. 

Who knew that one day I, the one who lives in this chaotic mess I call my room, would actually be annoyed by how incredibly messy this mess really is. 


Wish me luck as I begin to try and actually fucking fix myself for once.