Day to Day · Tarot Study


I’ve been managing to keep up with my tarot cards, although I didn’t get to it last night due to me having an impromptu movie night until 2 am. By the time I actually could have worked with them, I was so out of it I would have fallen asleep during my meditation. oops. I am going to draw a card here soon though, since I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep due to the 44oz cup of Mt. Dew right next to my computer… I have also been reading a very helpful book for myself [I have slight shame in admitting I am reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens  even thought I have no need to, but I have learned that I need to really do some high maintenance with my habits]. I’m also thinking of finally watching past the first season of Supernatural just so that I have a background thing going on while I crochet. It seems I crochet more when I am watching videos/movies/tv shows. So I guess I should start a show or something, and rn there are 10 seasons of that shit on Netflix. So that will give me a gauge to how fast I crochet things too. [lmao. “how long did that hat take??” “ikd, like three episodes of -some show-?”] Hopefully I get some shit done in the morning tomorrow.


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