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Tarot Cards and Coffee

I interpreted my dream from last night, in accordinance to the 8 of Wands card from my deck. It seems my dream was spot on, although, in a metaphorical sense. If I look at it, so far I have a character from various fandoms representing each card so far. Last night it was a mute character trying to teach me, who could not see, something. It was quite interesting to interpret that, last night was a spit-fire character who is rude, but acts fast and knows what she must do. Based on my book, this card means to act fast, get into movement, and don’t hesitate, which is what this character does. So I think that my dreams are trying to tell me what the cards want to say, through my fandoms. Which, all in all, makes for an interesting story. Of course, I had to enjoy a good cup of coffee as I did so. 

So far, I think that I am doing pretty good, I am getting more exercise than ever before, which is very nice. I feel so  much better than I have in a while. It is nice to be doing stuff for once. Anyways, this is my post for the day, hope you all have a great day! ❤ 😀


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