Tarot Study

Tarot Study

I’m finally starting it again. I had to restart because the cards were just not speaking to me. But tonight, I have the Hierophant. I am doing a thing where I meditate on the card, then stick it under my pillow to have the card influence my dreams. Instead of doing an art piece like I did for the runes, I am doing dreams. Just because the cards themselves could be considered art pieces. It is hard for me to do art.. for art?? So, Instead I will let them influence my dreams and tell me what they need to tell me.

They gave me the silent treatment for so long because I ignored them when I first got them. But after a big of begging, and apologizing, they are speaking to me again.

Now as long as I keep up with this study I will be fine.

Wish me luck on this new journey, and yes I may have said something like this earlier,but that is because I forgot I scheduled this post but this is for my wordpress not my tumblr (where something like this already is). But I never went into detail about it, so this post is all about the cards and my plans.

Have a good day guys! 😀


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