Day to Day

Raging Storm

I managed to fill my storm water today, for the first time all year. The storms this year have been for shit. Today, however, it was good enough to make the lights at work flicker (they went out once before, but the last storm that did that didn’t have much rain, just a lot of wind), and make giant puddles that I haven’t seen for a good long while. My little storm water jar is nearly full too! Which is why I am happy. I had my mom set it out for me while the storm was just beginning (I was at work at the time), and not long after it started pouring buckets.

Day to Day

Seven Habits

For the first part of the book (Like the first couple of chapters), before Part two [lmao] I managed to scribe down some notes in neat handwriting. I’m surprised I kept it neat, considering my handwriting is utterly atrocious. Tonight I plan on doing some notes on another chapter, at least one. It helps me remember this stuff, that I consider important, when I write it down on paper with a pencil. It is scientifically proven that you remember things better when you write it down. 

Day to Day

Welcome to Night Vale?

I decided to finally start listening to this podcast, and so far, I find it to be very creepy and fun to listen to, I  think that this is good for me to find a thing I can get into that I can listen to, and it will allow me to crochet without having to look at any screens. Definitely saves me some of my attention so that I may pay attention more to the stitches I make.

Day to Day · Tarot Study


I’ve been managing to keep up with my tarot cards, although I didn’t get to it last night due to me having an impromptu movie night until 2 am. By the time I actually could have worked with them, I was so out of it I would have fallen asleep during my meditation. oops. I am going to draw a card here soon though, since I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep due to the 44oz cup of Mt. Dew right next to my computer… I have also been reading a very helpful book for myself [I have slight shame in admitting I am reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens  even thought I have no need to, but I have learned that I need to really do some high maintenance with my habits]. I’m also thinking of finally watching past the first season of Supernatural just so that I have a background thing going on while I crochet. It seems I crochet more when I am watching videos/movies/tv shows. So I guess I should start a show or something, and rn there are 10 seasons of that shit on Netflix. So that will give me a gauge to how fast I crochet things too. [lmao. “how long did that hat take??” “ikd, like three episodes of -some show-?”] Hopefully I get some shit done in the morning tomorrow.

Day to Day · Tarot Study

Tarot Cards and Coffee

I interpreted my dream from last night, in accordinance to the 8 of Wands card from my deck. It seems my dream was spot on, although, in a metaphorical sense. If I look at it, so far I have a character from various fandoms representing each card so far. Last night it was a mute character trying to teach me, who could not see, something. It was quite interesting to interpret that, last night was a spit-fire character who is rude, but acts fast and knows what she must do. Based on my book, this card means to act fast, get into movement, and don’t hesitate, which is what this character does. So I think that my dreams are trying to tell me what the cards want to say, through my fandoms. Which, all in all, makes for an interesting story. Of course, I had to enjoy a good cup of coffee as I did so. 

So far, I think that I am doing pretty good, I am getting more exercise than ever before, which is very nice. I feel so  much better than I have in a while. It is nice to be doing stuff for once. Anyways, this is my post for the day, hope you all have a great day! ❤ 😀

Day to Day

Ah, I am just about to draw tonights card, and I am preparing myself a nice cup of calming herbal tea so that my sleep will hopefully be more restful. . . although the pain in my foot begs to differ. Oh well. I guess I will just have to adjust and go with the flow. As usual. :). I didn’t really do much, although I went for one hell of a walk, twice, and a bike ride. I just can’t get rid of all this unimaginable energy in me. And yet… I am still so very tired.

Oh well 😀 have a good night guys!

Tarot Study

Tarot Study

I’m finally starting it again. I had to restart because the cards were just not speaking to me. But tonight, I have the Hierophant. I am doing a thing where I meditate on the card, then stick it under my pillow to have the card influence my dreams. Instead of doing an art piece like I did for the runes, I am doing dreams. Just because the cards themselves could be considered art pieces. It is hard for me to do art.. for art?? So, Instead I will let them influence my dreams and tell me what they need to tell me.

They gave me the silent treatment for so long because I ignored them when I first got them. But after a big of begging, and apologizing, they are speaking to me again.

Now as long as I keep up with this study I will be fine.

Wish me luck on this new journey, and yes I may have said something like this earlier,but that is because I forgot I scheduled this post but this is for my wordpress not my tumblr (where something like this already is). But I never went into detail about it, so this post is all about the cards and my plans.

Have a good day guys! 😀

Day to Day


I managed to post my blog post about doing yoga yesterday on the wrong blog, but oh well. I wont do any today, because that would be doing too much in such a short amount of time (and it makes me less likely to continue), but I will do it again tomorrow. I’ll just do a bit of an extra bike ride tonight, I also took a walk yesterday, so tbh I’m kind of pushing my luck. gotta take it a bit slow else I accidentally injure myself. Now that would not be fun.

I don’t think I will do a vlog today, I didn’t really accomplish anything, but I think I will think of something to post on instagram. I have plenty of pictures to take.

I actually accomplished quite a bit in my BuJo yesterday, for the first time in a while, so maybe I’ll do something with that! 😀

Have a good day guys!



I have finally recorded my first vlog in forever. I show off my beautiful handiwork (although one of those hats is absolutely hideously beautiful instead of just plain beautiful). I mention Friday is going to be a busy day? Yeah, probably also due to the fact I am going on a date (I think? I’m not good at this shit, so I’m still trying to get all the details from my date :/, I like to have all the details so the plan is solid for the most part). Anyways, also that and I plan in the morning to be doing some work with my mom so that we can get things going on etsy.

Anyways, here’s my video down below!

Have a great day guys! 😀


I finally finished a project I have been working on all week, hopefully now that I have made one hat, it will be easier for me to do… Making things is kind of fun actually. Next up, to find a pattern for boot cuffs, some really cute ones!