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I am Not useless because..

-I have hope
-I still have a job
-I still wake up every morning

This is a challenge I made for my new “habits study”, which is where I will read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and do challenges, this challenge is specifically called ” Paradigm Shift”, where I take a “Paradigm” or a bad opinion/negative self talk and counter it i n some way


What to do

I’ve made a big ouch in my tumblr career, I have accidentally (this time it truly was an accident) deleted everything. Like, everything. I had no way to transfer it, and it was the dumbest shit ever. I just need to fix it now. What will I do? OH, right, just keep posting here as if I have more followers (I really don’t).



Perhaps it is time to bring myself back together.. as years ago I split myself into two, I locked the more vulnerable part of me away until he started to knock on the door so to speak, demanding I let myself be whole again, let myself be happy for once instead of wondering who I could have been. Perhaps I need a bit of thought on this?



So with a little work and realization, Tarot may not entirely be for me? Ever since I started working with runes, I haven’t had the same connection with the cards. I can’t quite pick them back up! D: I don’t quite know how to react. I just don’t feel the connection anymore with any deck I’ve ever held. The runes speak to me more.

Tarot Study

Tarot Study: Day One:


Okay, so this is the Three of Coins (from the Raven’s Prophecy deck, which I have linked to an amazing listing of the same deck). Here’s my overview from my little tarot study book I made:

Card drawn: Three of Coins.

Possible Dreams? [put under pillow over night]:

I had no dreams, but I woke up satisfied, but feeling as if I could have done more, [as if I should have asked for help with something, perhaps?] [post interpretation add on]

Interpretation with meditation:

I saw my coworker and I whom of which we work well together, every night we leave satisfied and accomplished with our work. I also saw last night, when I finally finished my rune study, almost bleary eyed from using so much energy to speak to the runes. The runes are satisfied, and I felt accomplished with what I had done.

What the author/creator says about it:

keywords: -satisfied -teamwork -satisfaction.

this card symbolizes the first real accomplishment of the coins suit, holds a good sense of team work, and if in a reading with the right cards could either mean you enjoy your career or long to enjoy it.

Overall Idea:

Maybe not the best, but you have accomplished something great. With a team you find yourself doing your best. Perhaps you are even doing great in your career.