I am celebrating by just cleaning up my shit life! I have rearranged my altar accordingly, and I finished my rune stone studies! The runes were quite excited, they made me basically learn them one after the other until I was finished (I was already halfway through, but still, it was a lot to take in, my head ached for about thirty minutes). I now shine some light on my mess as I clean the rest of my room for the night, then I will start the new month with the 30 day yoga challenge I never finished, time to just plow on through. I will also start my tarot study. Which will take a while, but I plan on doing it without skipping days this time. I don’t quite know what I am going to put in my bowls right now, but I am sure it will come to me for the next holiday.

image (9).jpeg

(my altar)


So much for that…

I ended up playing games anyways, but now it’s super late and I am still trying to do stuff (1 am gaming/doing life). Not the best way to go? Choices, choices.



Runes. Yes. I need to draw yet another runes stone soon! I have been trying to but today I did in fact run out of time, due to the fact that I got up waay to late! I may do one when I get home at 8:30 tonight instead of testing out my controller right off the bat!


I think I saw a sign

Well, yesterday was a good and an AWFUL day. Let me elaborate a little. . . so it started out fairly great, like so fantastic I was almost ecstatic! I meditated, had a great breakfast, I even drank a nice cup of coffee. I got to work, and my coworker (the deli manager) was  pissed beyond belief. We had a call out, and nobody to replace the second closer (honestly we are so understaffed, we should have 3 people at all times so we can have breaks without angry customers complaining about us not being there because somebody was on break! So she was pissed and everytime I tried to ask her a question because nobody bloody told me she would look at me with the angriest look. I know she wasn’t mad at me, but it sure did seem like it. And then I got a couple of assholes for customers. somebody actually complained that a customer was being rude to me, so the manager came over and congratulated me. Then a customer who had been waiting a while, went to a cashier and told her how greatly I was handling the situation, even though you could tell that I was physically straining my emotions. Then the cashier called to the deli and gave me a compliment, so double points for that! Then, a customer later could tell I was in an awful mood (or just down) and gave me an amazing motivational speech. Like holy shit, I was amazed and so thankful. I just thanked him a ton as he left and I just- I don’t know- all I know was that everything yesterday had been trying to bring me back up. So if that isn’t a sign that I should hold fast and not let my emotions always get the best of me, I don’t know what is. I was just so happy that even thought I was doing awful, several others thought I was doing a great job.