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I ended up doing things a little different this morning, but perhaps tomorrow I’ll have another rune post. I have a few nights this week that I work late so it makes it harder for me to make posts for this.

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Concerning Fanfiction

I have totally managed to mangle up an update from my Archive of Our Own, I am mostly writing for Rainbow Six: Siege, but I have some ideas for other fanfics I want to write, but for now, I gotta update what I’ve been working on. I have a lot of people expecting updates, especially for the Heart’s Pulse. Woo, I’m actually writing, I swear.

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I’m Just Doing Whatever

At this point, I am just going to do whatever I feel like. Or well, post whatever I feel like, really. I have gotten into writing fanfiction (all while still trying to plot out my own novel which hasn’t gotten very far) and I am doing more pagan stuff, I am getting my own groove. I have found that I am working mostly with Freyja and Freyr, and so I will be talking more about that in future posts. I am still crocheting, albeit my depression recently has caused a full stop to 90% of my activities as of late. I am desperately trying to take care of myself. I will also be talking about my alters and I will have categories/tags for who’s fronting when and whatnot. I am not hiding anymore, none of my interests. So I will be blogging a lot more about a huge variety of things, ranging from fandom stuff, gaming, pagan stuff, my gods, and also internal personal stuff.

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Daily Runes

today is about communication, sharing in any kind of relationship (whether it be a friendship, a lover, a family member). Being grateful for what you have, and protecting it, but not so much so that you lose it. You need to share that, be generous with your feelings. Nourish yourself, as well as others, today.

Also note: just as I do in tarot, I don’t read reversals that is something I’ve officially decided, gotta use the same rules lmao 

[July 14, 2018]

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A Breath Of Fresh Air

I went out today for the first time in a while. It was nice, I went out to my favorite locally owned café down the road from my house. I will probably record a vlog later this week (I don’t really have the time today as I have things to work on). But I have a plan to be more of a regular to this little café down the road. I’ve always been vocally supporting local business. Now it is about time I actually used my free money for it. I am probably going to be a regular here, that is a nice thought for me. Plus, I can buy a large coffee here for cheaper than at Starbucks, aand it tastes more like actual coffee! So bonus points all around, plus the people who work here are really nice.

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Morning is a Success

I went on my run, and the moon was still out this morning! It was pretty cold (my phone told me it was only 47 degrees out there, so it wasn’t as bad as I had originally feared it would be! I did yoga before my run, and some yoga after! I feel super great. I was doing a little bit of walking as the sun was rising and I managed to get a great photo of the sunrise. Before it even really touched the horizon really, but still, its there! I think it is safe to say that this morning was a success! Now, I just have to go through the rest of today and make it great too.


I have a plan

For once!

My morning is going to start at 5am, I have plans to go on a short jog and do some yoga… I am going to have to shove my recliner into my bookcase to have the space for that… although it’s cold enough outside if I sweep off my porch out back I can just do my yoga out there? I don’t know, I am still debating this. Anyways. I’ll get home have some food and coffee, and I will crochet till I have to leave for work and do some more crochet when I get home.

I feel like I have a pretty solid plan! I feel incredibly motivated right now and hopefully I can get back into my groove!

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Blogging a form of Journaling?

Maybe I’m loosing my mind, but what has been stopping me from making posts for so long is because some of my posts, in fact many of them would be almost like journal entries,,, maybe personal? Maybe vague? Maybe odd? Recounting stories and what is left of my memory of the day. I don’t think you guys care about that.

Could be me.

But I would post more if that is what I thought you wanted to se, even if it is just me rambling on about things. Maybe if I just blogged how I wanted I wouldn’t feel so stressed about it?

What do you think?

Anyways, see you with the next post!


Another Update

So I am still working out how my schedule works. Because I work two jobs now, things are a bit tough, and so I am still working out how I am going to be able to do things. I have one hell of an update coming around tho, a lot of vlogs I will be recording. My whole room has been rearranged. I have learned new tricks, and I am very excited to be able to share that later down the road.

Until next time <3!